Next meeting will be at 1.30pm U.K. time on Saturday 1 June 2024.


Then maybe my book club will be for you!

It is FREE of charge, and takes place on Zoom on Saturdays or Sundays.

Please note that this book club is open to all, and is not specifically related to body image/eating, though you are very welcome to talk about books on those topics if you wish.

The next meeting will be at 1.30pm U.K. time / 8.30am Eastern time U.S. on Saturday 1 June 2024.

To check the time in your timezone, go to:

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I love reading, and these days I always seem to be reading amazing books that get me very excited, so excited, in fact, that I want to share the brilliant and helpful ideas in them with other people! And I love hearing about what other people are reading too, even if I might not want to read the same books at the same time.

I believe the books we feel drawn to, at any particular time, are a very personal matter. So, the books that I’m currently getting so much out of might be ones that you would never pick up. That’s why I’m starting a book club where we can all talk about the different books each of us is reading, rather than feeling obliged to all read the same book. That way, we’ll enjoy hearing about what lights other people up, and can have the chance to share what we’re enthusiastic about. And we might get ideas for other books we’d like to read too!

There are no rules as to the books we can talk about – they could be fact or fiction, scientific or spiritual, political or philosophical, lowbrow or highbrow(!), poetry or prose, a classic which most people may have already read or an unknown work. The point is to share about what YOU got out of the book.

The books can be in any language (though the language of the group will be English because that’s the language that is most commonly spoken by my friends). If English is not your first language, and you don’t feel confident about speaking in English, please don’t let that put you off. Everyone will want to understand you and won’t care if you struggle for words sometimes, as we all do anyway.

The spirit of this group will be that you talk about things in the book that have inspired, helped, interested or educated you. How has the book enriched your life?

Feel free to come along even if you’re not reading a book at the moment. You could either just listen to other people sharing or you could speak about a book you’ve read in the past that has impacted you. If you’re an author, you could even talk about your own book (in progress or complete). Why not?!

We can read SHORT passages of the book which we particularly like as part of our sharing so long as we don’t go over our allocated time.

If lots of people come, and not everyone who wants to share gets a chance to talk about a book, then I will make a note of the names of people who didn’t speak, and make sure we start with them in the next meeting.

When discussing ideas that we’re passionate about, sometimes things can get heated, so I hope we’ll all do our best to express disagreement respectfully. Let’s try to be mindful of the wise words of Marvin Gaye, “We’re all sensitive people with so much love to give.” If anyone uses hate speech or is persistently rude or aggressive, then they will no longer be welcome in the group. I want it to be a safe space where people feel comfortable sharing from their hearts.

This will be an open group, so feel free to tell your friends and invite them to sign up to the mailing list. But please don’t post the Zoom link publicly on social media. I don’t want people turning up for the wrong reasons.


  • Meetings will be on Saturdays or Sundays.  To check the time in your time zone, please go to:  I will allow up to two hours for the session, but if only a small number of us come, it will probably finish a lot sooner than that. Of course, you’ll be free to leave at any time!

  • At the start of the meeting, we will take a show of hands to establish how many people will want to speak about a book.

  • We will take it in turns to talk about a book we’re currently reading or have read in the past.  Depending on the number of people who want to talk about a book, we will give a certain number of minutes to each person, e.g. 10 minutes, to talk about their book without interruptions. I will use a timer to keep us on track.

  • Then other people will be able to ask them questions or make comments if they want.

  • Then we will move on to the next person who wants to talk about a book.

  • If lots of people want to talk about a book, we will reduce the sharing time per person.

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