04 Aug

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I wasn’t that bothered about having kids.

I was worried about the stress, overwhelm and responsibility.

Wouldn’t life be easier if I only had to take care of myself, and could focus on enjoying romance with my beloved?

Then you came along and I realised how blinkered I’d been.

I’d only envisaged the tough stuff.

I hadn’t made room in my mind for all the good times, for the sheer amazingness of the experience!

I hadn’t considered the privilege of watching a life unfold, day by day, right before my eyes. 

Nor the gift of getting to be the one you turn to for comfort, reassurance, stability and encouragement.

I hadn’t anticipated the joy of holding your little hand, listening to your carefree giggling or hearing the heartbursting word ‘Mummy’ shouted insistently countless times throughout the day and, too often for my liking, night, too!

You are my sunshine, my flower, my jewel, my darling!

And yet you are not mine. Your spirit is all your own.

And so I marvel at the wonder of you, at once a stranger and deeply familiar.

Witnessing your growth is a blessing beyond measure.

The love I feel for you outsizes me.

It is a portal to a deeper knowing of the sacred dimension of life.

Nothing and no one can break it.

It will outlive me just as my late mother’s love embraces me still.

May God have mercy on me and shower you with the sweetest gifts life has to offer.

And may all children everywhere be so cherished and adored that we need not fear for the future they will create from the foundation of love.

To receive any new poems I write via email, please subscribe here.

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