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Tell me everything.

Tell me your history, your secrets, your embarrassments, your worries, your hopes, your desires, your dreams, your inspirations, your convictions.

I want to know what moves you, what prompts you to chart the course you set. 

Take your time.

No need to rush, or to skip the boring bits.

From where I stand, you are an exotic and enticing enigma.

So, to me, there are no boring bits! 

Tell me the long version.

No, I don’t have anything I’d rather do than listen to you right here, right now, and lap up every inch of your softly breathed confidences.

And when you are done, I will match your courage, and disclose my soul to you, in turn. 

Having forged this sacred bond, let us return to each other in this way regularly throughout our lives.

May we never stop falling deeper into mutual revelation.

But if we must stop, then let death be the one to silence us.

And may he cut us off mid-sentence!

Then we will know that we have used our earthly time wisely,

Glorying in our exquisite closeness,

For though I am sure of very little in this life, there is one thing I know beyond doubt:

I will never tire of you, my beloved.

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