02 Feb

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Are you impacted by how other people behave? 

Do you feel the same if they shout, swear or rant at you as you do if they whisper sweet-nothings in your ear? 

Does it make any difference if you feel understood versus misunderstood? 

Do your thoughts go in the same direction when someone expresses criticism of your behaviour as when they express appreciation for your presence in their life? 

Is your wellbeing untouched by things that happen to you, or things you witness happening to other people? 

Do you feel safe when you are threatened? 

Do you feel like you belong when you’re asked to leave? 

Do you meet a slap with the same reaction as a gentle touch? 

Do you care, one way or the other, if someone listens to you, or shuts you down? 

Does your inner light remain undimmed if you are rejected, bullied or excluded? 

Do you make up the same meaning when someone leaves you, as when they stay by your side? 

Does it matter if other people assume you have good intentions or evil ones? 

Is your inner world an island impervious to the waves of other people’s attitudes and actions which lap at its shore?

To receive any new poems I write via email, please click here

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