11 Feb

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When the curtain of doom falls over your mind,

And dark forces overpower your psyche,

When your muscles seize up, and your path ahead narrows so much that you can see no way forward,

When you feel hopeless, helpless and heavy,

And every idea has the flavour of fear,

It is time to put down the book in your head and look around you.

Rub your eyes, unhunch your shoulders, and take a deep breath.

The horror story roaming around your consciousness may seem to have snuffed out the light of the world, 

But remember this: things are not always as they appear. 

The undeniable truth that weighs upon you so heavily,

Is not quite the word of God it purports to be.

Yes, there may be facts at play, but the feelings that they evoke can rise and fall with the shifting sands of your moods.

Two terrible options can suddenly become palatable, or multiply into a multitude. 

You may have to consider the unthinkable to honour your own needs.

You may have to acknowledge that your modus operandi is no longer fit for purpose.

The way ahead may not always be smooth.

But that is no indication of the possibilities that await you. 

Black clouds are obscuring your vision.

Any conclusions you reach are based on an inaccurate assessment of the scene in front of you.

You cannot trust what you think you see.

You are fumbling in the dark.

You are not alone in this – we all get sucked into worshipping false gods, putting our painful thoughts on a pedestal they do not deserve.

It is part of our human journey. There is no shame in it.

And it is good to know that relief is never far away.

It is always so much closer than we could possibly imagine.

We can turn away from the noise at any moment, and listen for something altogether wiser, quieter and more intriguing. 

Behind the curtain of misunderstandings, there is an alternate reality to explore,

Where the air is fresh, the waters are calm and the view is clear.

Peace reigns there, and it is waiting to welcome you with arms outstretched.

Rest in the oasis within underneath your mental chatter.

And allow yourself to be replenished. 

There is no need to be so attentive to the petty narrative of your intellect. 

It is too clever by half.

It will not keep you safe.

There is nothing useful in it for you.

It is just old news being repackaged as the latest must-have information. 

Don’t be fooled.

When you let go, ideas that serve you will come knocking.

You can stop chasing after them and let them find you. 

You are not the exception. 

No one can be excluded from the human family. 

No deed, no matter how grievous, can disqualify you from the game of life.

You can always return to the table and heed a higher calling.

No disappointment, no matter how tragic, can damage your spirit. 

The energy of your being cannot be destroyed.

No challenge, no matter how big, can prevent you from revelling in the sanctuary of inner quiet.

There is always another way, a different idea, a fresh perspective.

But it’s not up to you to go hunting for answers.

They will emerge from the silence in their own time. 

This is the promise of being alive.

And to realise it, all you have to do is look up.

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