24 Jan

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I feel lucky I get to live with a man!

I love sweaty, hairy men who are very interested in things that bore me to tears.

I like to watch them doing things. 

I watch my husband watch sport!

I listen to him making work calls. How impressive! I don’t know what he’s talking about, but it sounds like he’s making his points extremely well! 

He’s very clever. He knows the thirteen times table and how to make complicated formulae in Excel spreadsheets!

And how to provide for a family and go to a job he often doesn’t feel like going to because something else is more important.

He’s dedicated to being a present father.

And he’s the best Dad I could ever imagine a girl could have.

He’s even learnt to do French plaits which I struggle with! 

My daughter and I call him Mr Amazing. 

He’s never dismissed what I do because I’ve earnt less money.

He’s always supported me in whatever direction I want to go in, even if he doesn’t get what on earth it’s about! 

He respects it because it’s important to me. 

He works full time and still doesn’t expect me to do all the childcare and housework.

He’s understanding when the house is a mess even though that’s really hard for him. 

He’s given me so much space to learn and grow. 

He never judges me and just sets boundaries occasionally for his own sanity. 

Sometimes I am too messy or head-in the-clouds-y or want to spend money on something that is a bit crazy. 

He loves me, but not in a way that will go to my head. He’s not interested in my ego. 

I’ve learnt so much from him, about what love looks like in different situations – when I’ve been depressed, anxious, stressed, joyful, struggling, thriving. 

Did I mention he’s good at everything? Even being tired!

He gets sweet instead of grumpy unless he’s really stressed and then I know he’s been pushed too far. 

I like the fact he says no when he needs to. Very sexy! 

Holding his warm hands makes me happy. 

I like to get very close to him and kiss and touch him as much as possible.

I light up inside when he touches me. 

I tell him I’d like to spend the evening staring into his eyes. And then we laugh cos TV is also good! 

He has a gentle look in his eyes which is EVERYTHING. 

Every day I go all round the universe in my mind.

Thank God he’s always there to bring me back to the here and now. 

I’m so glad I bothered to go out looking for him all those years ago.

It was worth the nerves and the anguish, and the rejection along the way. 

I’m very grateful that the one I fell in love with said yes and stuck around.

And keeps being nice to me, day in, day out, year after year. 

I want to be with him forever.

When I hear his key in the lock, I know home’s arrived. 

I don’t share my poetry with him.

He already knows the depth of my being.

And that my life is a love song for him.

No fancy words required.

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