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I hold space for all my experiences.

The petty, the magnificent and the mundane.

And I expand to hold space for yours too.

The tragic, horrific and hopeful. 

So many judgments, fears and hurts.

Swirling in the vast space of existence.

Without space, they take over.

Colonising and terrorising our awareness.

But with space, they shrink down to size.

Reverting to transient elements of a moving story. 

Thank goodness for the glory of space!

It’s the difference between being consumed by suffering and being elevated by it.

It alchemises devastation into education. 

So often we miss it.

Too focussed on the drama of our mental planet

That we forget we’re living in the infinite consciousness of the universe.

Let’s help one another remember.

For the truth is that we ARE space.

The space that holds all things. 

When we don’t realise this, we’re stuck in the mud.

Knotted and tangled, floundering and bereft. 

Doing a death dance with our traumas. 

Our culture has misled us to believe that space is empty, cold and barren.


A wasteland of unseized opportunities, a mere absence of doing. 

What fools we are to believe and perpetuate this terrible lie!

And thus deny ourselves the only hope of true happiness we ever have.

Don’t wait for your final breath to invite space in.

Look for it now.

Find it within you.

Let it be your salvation in THIS life, not just the next.

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