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Body image / Appearance / Beauty

  1. How the problem with our appearance starts
  2. The shame of living in a natural female body
  3. My stomach was never meant to be flat. (The importance of challenging our habit of criticising our natural bodies)
  4. What is beauty? (Questioning what we think we know can be the gateway to healing.)
  5. No one looks any better or worse than you. (Challenging the notion of an appearance hierarchy)
  6. You can't believe your eyes. (How our sight becomes distorted by judgement.)
  7. Makeup: celebration or prison?
  8. I wore a dress! (How I had fun breaking my clothes 'rules')
  9. You are not a product. (Why we need to stop treating our bodies like commodities.)
  10. For people who get upset when they see themselves in a photo or in the mirror...
  11. Do you feel insecure about your attractiveness because you don't think you look feminine or masculine enough? Here's why you don't have to.
  12. Grieving the right thing: why you don't need to accept the 'fact' you're ugly or unattractive.
  13. You don't have to wait for the world to ditch today's so-called 'beauty' standards in order to heal: you can be the change you want to see instead.

Disordered eating / Weight worries

  1. How a natural pleasure turns into a coping mechanism: my history of disordered eating
  2. Fear of weight gain: the terror that binds us, and how we can free ourselves from its grip.
  3. You're not greedy. What's really going on when we find ourselves overeating

Recovery / Healing

  1. You can trust your emotional pain to teach and heal you. (The importance of embracing all our emotions)
  2. The deception of fear and the healing promise of love. (Why you're not afraid of what you think you are, and how love dissolves fear.)
  3. The ecstasy of being alive, and the misleading associations that get in the way: why you don't need to achieve 'the body beautiful' to be happy.
  4. What's the role of anger in healing?
  5. We look for evidence of our value in the wrong place.  And life feels a lot less scary when we look in the right place.
  6. Low moods are easier without body worries.
  7. The price of shame
  8. The places Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) might not reach: how exploring your spiritual nature can help you heal your body image woes.
  9. Love brings out the best in us.
  10. Is healing complicated?
  11. Learning to see the hurt behind hurtful behaviours can support our healing.

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